Our Philosophy

Our mission at LISMN is to support Australian schools by establishing links with the business community and delivering the best engine for community networking.

Our fundamental belief is to give back first.

We aim to unite, acknowledge, support, inform, celebrate and contribute to our truly remarkable communities.

LISMN is a digital engagement platform

LISMN is a digital engagement platform connecting school communities with trusted local businesses. It is a platform, that serves the community, is convenient and engaging.

LISMN Beginnings

The LISMN concept was inspired by the personal experiences of Bobbi Aralica.
This is her story:
"When my kids started school I became part of a school community and established a new circle of friends. Before long I was using the services of 13 family businesses. In addition, I was referring others to local businesses and was asking for business recommendations when I needed help. There was nothing unusual about this. More or less everybody was doing, the same thing. As our kids got older we spent less time at school, resumed our careers and the face-to-face contact became less frequent. I thought, there must be a better way to continue giving and receiving referrals. The second activity, which struck a chord, was the amount of fundraising that took place in schools. Government and school fees simply didn’t cover what our schools and students needed. Being presented with two issues, I developed a passion for schools and local business."
And so LISMN was born

With a shared community vision, change is possible

Obviously, Bobbi is passionate about business, community and education.
When looking at how she was going to give back to schools, she decided to do just that.
Give back to schools.
As a profit-for-purpose business, LISMN donates a handsome part of its profit straight back to schools. 

About Bobbi Aralica

Founder and Managing Director

From a background in marketing and product management within the medical industry, Bobbi applies her strategic and lateral thinking skills to product design. As the Founder and Managing Director of LISMN, she is head of Product Development and Strategic Planning. Her passion and advocacy for local small business, propels her to make a positive impact, starting with her own community.

Like many other small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs, Bobbi can often be found exploring her own local caf├ęs...


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