LISMN is an online digital search and networking platform

IT adds value to the traditional form of word-of-mouth.
Designed specifically for school communities, our platform shines the light on all businesses associated with any given school.

Be Visible

Reach, Connect and Interact

Connect with current and past families and alumni

Beyond the school gates

“ Half of our customers are families from within our own school community.”

- Maria and John -
JD Automotive Workshop

Return on Investment

Directs customer to you

Raises money for your school

Digital Engagement

A modern networking platform delivering a WOW factor for your business.

Word of mouth referrals

Get referrals from your community

"we love to support local"


Questions and Answers

What is a “School Business Community?

It’s a network of businesses owned or managed by members of your school community. Collectively, these businesses make up your School Business Community.

What is the LISMN School Business Platform?

It’s a digital platform where you create an online business profile so that school families, customers and other businesses can easily connect with you. Conveniently hosted on your school's website it gives you a local presence and digital footprint in your own community.

What’s unique about this platform?

It’s exclusive!
Only businesses positively associated with your school are invited to submit their profile. Namely: parents (past and present), students, alumni and faculty.

What information is included in a business profile?

Besides the essential contact details, website and social media links, there are a couple of extra features worth mentioning:
  • Your personal profile, to support your business brand
  • Your pictures, to visually represent you and your business offering

Why develop an on-line Business Platform, specifically for school communities?

In essence, we are updating the traditional “word of mouth” referral system and making it a whole lot better.

We are creating a marketplace where families and businesses can connect and do business. Accessible to everybody, this tool is fresh, new and most of all engaging. 

What is word-of-mouth referral?

It’s the most valuable, trusted and possibly the oldest form of marketing. It’s where your customers and friends become your brand ambassadors and recommend your business to others. Our platform is perfect for others to share your business profile.

How does this platform benefit my school, financially?

LISMN, our platform provider donates a percentage of their profits back to schools. 

Who can view my business profile?

The entire school community, including current and past families, alumni and faculty, can access your business profile. This extends your reach, way beyond the school gates.

Is the platform mobile compatible?

Yes. The platform is receptive, delivering an exceptional user experience.
This means your profile will look just as good on a mobile, as it does using a tablet or desktop computer. 

Is every business eligible to register?

For eligibility restrictions please click here.

I’ve just started a new business; Can I submit my business profile?

Yes. This platform is perfect for new businesses to develop a local online presence. Instantaneously, your profile will be available to a friendly, engaged and familiar community. 

Is this also a business-networking tool?

Yes. It’s a fantastic way to meet other business owners and connect with them.

How do I register my business?

You can register via the LISMN link found on your school’s website. Alternatively, you can register your business via the LISMN website. 

What is a Personal Business Profile?

A business profile is a summary of your business offering. A personal business profile humanizes your brand to demonstrate transparency, credibility and trust by incorporating aspects about you, the business owner. 

Do I need to supply a self-portrait?

Yes. This is your personal profile designed specifically to help your community recognize you.

Can I include more images?

Each business receives the same number of image spaces. If you’d like to include more pictures, please make sure to include your Instagram link. 

Do I have to include a logo?

This is an optional feature.

How do I update my business profile?

Upon registration you’ll receive a username and password. You can then access your account and update your profile anytime.

Is there a premium-advertising option?

LISMN does not offer advertising options at this stage. 

How are businesses ranked when a search is conducted?

The businesses appear in alphabetical order but the selection criteria is based on a rotational system. This means that your business will appear at the top of your category the same amount of times as other businesses. 

Can I list in more than one school?

Yes. If you are directly affiliated with several schools, you simply register to each school’s platform, separately. Your profile is automatically synchronized so there is no need to re-enter your details. 


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