If you hold a position of responsibility in a school, you know only too well that funding is never enough. Well, LISMN offers you some good news.


facilitate school communities to connect with family businesses within their school


offer a fresh new advertising opportunity for local business


to support community and donate generously to all participating schools

LISMN is a modern networking platform

LISMN makes it easy for your school and your local business community to connect.
A tailored platform will ensure local business is more personally associated with your school.
We bring School and Business together to deliver mutual benefits and serve your community.

New Income Stream

With a sophisticated online system, LISMN creates a recurring income stream for your school. It ensures your school-business community is more actively aligned and more positively linked. 
And EVERY YEAR you receive a percentage of every listing renewal.
“It's that simple!”

Your community will be more engaged

LISMN is the platform for giving you an engaged, connected and interactive school-business community.

Increase School Profile

Gives your school a higher profile beyond the school walls.

Connect with Local Business

Local traders, namely school families, will love to connect with your school community.

Questions and Answers

What is a “School Business Community Network”?

It’s a network of businesses brought together because of their association with your school. Collectively, they represent your School Business Community. 

What is a LISMN School Business Platform?

It’s a digital platform specifically for businesses to create an online profile for your school community. Similar to a business directory, your community can search for businesses they need using this tool.

What’s unique about this platform?

It’s exclusive!

Only businesses positively associated with your school are invited to advertise. Namely: parents (past and present), students, alumni and faculty.

How does this platform serve parents and the school community?

An online business marketplace enables school communities to share, connect, network and search for products and services they use every day. Providing this unique and meaningful way for your community members to connect with each other, will support community engagement.

How does our school benefit financially?

LISMN donates a percentage of our profits straight back to schools. This creates a recurring income stream for your school. 

Do schools need specific technical skills to implement the software?

No. To ensure consistency, accuracy and a professional outcome, LISMN is responsible for the introduction and upkeep of your platform. 

What marketing support is offered to our school?

We supply a marketing kit including brochures, letter templates and communication strategies.  You are welcome to use our suggestions or tailor your own marketing campaign.

How long does it take to set up a tailored platform?

This will vary from school to school depending on your school size and specific requirements. 

Can we personalize the look of the platform so it reflects our school brand?

Yes. You create your own colour scheme based on your branded style guide.  This also ensures your platform is in line with your website. 

What are our legal obligations?

Click here to find all of our terms and conditions. 

Where is our school’s business platform located?

Your platform sits conveniently on your school’s website.

Digital Engagement

- A receptive networking platform  - Beautifully branded to your school
- Easily accessed by your community


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